Positive Ways To Change Your Life In 2021

 Positive Ways To Change Your Life In 2021

2021 is coming and I am ready to leave 2020! So in today's post, I would like to share some thoughts on the reduction of the New Year target for 2021.

I like to refer to New Year resolutions ... For some people I know they can work well for me personally, they don't really work. I am a target person, so I would consider these ideas to be objective, but still okay if you want to call them New Year's resolutions. Nothing will work for you. let's get started.

Positive Ways To Change Your Life In 2021

Positive Ways To Change Your Life In 2021

The first resolution of goal reduction is to reunite with a friend or family member each day. I think it is very important to maintain our relationships, we have good mental health when we have good social interactions, so make it a point to connect with someone every day, whether you are Be friends or family members. 

It should not be personal because it does not happen these days, it can happen over the phone or via text. I think it is important to maintain those connections, so make it a point in 2021 to maintain those connections. Number two is to create a bed ritual that works for you. 

I think there is a lot of value in the routine while sleeping, it helps you fall asleep faster and helps you fall asleep at the right time, so if you don't have a sleep ritual or bed at the right time If it is, then it can work for you. I like to drink a cup of tea and read before bed. I found that chamomile tea might be especially better if I did it. I can no longer speak. Chamomile tea also makes a big difference, so find a ritual that works for you. Create a bed ritual that you enjoy   

Number three is eating a rainbow, so I think it's a great idea if you want to eat healthily. So, many people would say that one of their resolutions is to eat healthily, I think it's good, but it's not really specific .. so make it more specific. Tell them that you want to eat the rainbow. Eating rainbow means eating different fruits and vegetables with different colors, so you will get different nutrition, and it will be more enjoyable. Enjoy healthy food, it could be something you want to try in 2021. 

The fourth goal or idea is to control your money in a better way. I think it's very important ... Financial health is so important, everyone is somewhere else. For this, you have to know what you want to do in 2021. So a few years ago I had the goal of spending less money to eat. I think it was three or four years ago... I spend a lot on takeout because I save less on takeout. So you can have a goal whether you are trying to save more or where you want to invest. I don't really know about investing, so I think I'll know more about investing in 2021, which will be my goal for my financial health. 

Number five is to create a better breakfast routine. I think having a good breakfast routine makes a lot of difference ... the days when I actually follow my morning routine. I feel good... Working at the right place, it seems that my day is starting on the right note. So, let's set the year 2021 to make a simple breakfast routine for yourself. Not a strange thing for everyone else, so find out what you actually do in the morning... It will help you start your day on a positive note. For me, it is a good walk and meditation. These two things should be part of my morning routine… They are very important to me because I feel good when I do those things in the morning. 

Number six is ​​to explore a new hobby or talent. As you all know that I am about to learn and every year I try to learn something new. So this year is the year in which I have set a point for learning watercolor painting and digital painting. Next year my passion is to learn Kochech painting… so every year I try to learn something new, if you are creative like me and you want to learn more about creative things, Skillshare is really a great place because I learned all my digital art. 

If you don't know what skills sharing is in Skillshare this year, it's an online community with thousands of classes for creative and aspiring people, to explore new skills and find any existing interest. A great place to deepen, which is what I want. Everyone has a wide variety of subjects, so I think to take courses on the best art and detailing and productivity, and plan to take some photography and videography courses next year, so if you have any skills to share in Creative Creative 

If you are interested in digital art, you can enjoy one of the most recently taken classes, called Fences with Faces, by creating a stylized digital photo by Charlie Clement, which was fun to see in his picture. At the end of the construction, he broke it. Mucus is the best thing possible for us as there are no advertisements, so follow the link to my description. You focus on learning the first thousand people who click. Skill Sharing Premium 

Number Seven Free Trial is about reducing your sugar intake, which is one of the best things you can do if your sugar intake is generally lowering your resolution. It is very specific and I have a variety of videos on how to reduce the difference in sugar intake in a world, and why, so how to do them, I put them at number eight for example, 

if you think Let's start a discussion on page 2021 or make a profit on the page. sta If you do something in a small business or a side business like this, you have done it in 2021, you have done it, I think we are postponing the things I thought it would be A lot of times, and then it's not going to happen, but if you really want to do something 2021 I think this is the year for you to start here anyway, so I did alongside to my art Thought of starting a business, I will do it in 2021. One of my goals for 2021.

Number nine dropped your digital location, so on this channel, I talked about reducing your home space, but I didn't adjust my digital space properly, I lowered my phone, but I still Didn't handle everything, so I think I'll spend some. Next year delete all the extra files I have, and you know the backup properly, I like to do this to prove my digital location because I Looks like my work process is going to get better. 

And being organized, of course I want to focus on the number 1021 2021, which makes your home especially beautiful. If you work from home, many of us now work from home. , I think it would be nice to have our home offices at stake. The most interesting place to work, so I think this is a good idea for 2021, I want to look like my home office, but I want to make artwork. I wanted to make some changes, so one thing I want to do is reduce your carbon footprint. 

By 11 in 2021. I think this is a good goal in 2021. One thing I wanted to do is reduce my carbon footprint in many ways, but I think there are plenty of opportunities for improvement so I plan to do it in 2021. I learn something interesting, with it a video that will help the mind. I will focus more on giving and contributing 12 to 2021, 

so I think there is a lot of value in helping others and supporting others in big or small ways. One of my goals in 2021 is to help others as you learn to give more? Money for charity and you know how to support others. If this is something you love, then the next idea of ​​goal slash resolution is to have a good goal in 2021, 

to change the mindset that stops you, so think of a specific m inset that gives you self-doubt and Will save you from self-doubt. Think about how you can address this in 2021 because I think there is still a lot to do in life if we can get rid of the thoughts that hold us back, but at least when we are going through resolutions. 

We break a bad habit and many of us talk about the things we want to do well, but I am talking about the things that we are bad at now Don't want to make habits, which is why I think breaking a few bad habits in 2021 has a lot of value.

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