How do you wish someone a happy birthday? Learn Advanced English Words

How do you wish someone a happy birthday? Learn Advanced English Words

I wish that you live a long life and I remember this song from my childhood may you live to be a hundred and three it's a hap happy birthday to you a million magic wishes for you let's raise the toast to you and your life this is good if you're saying it toa peer or a friend have a good one or have a great one it ends to use these very commonly congratulations on another spin around the sun or congratulations for surviving another year if your friend likes dark humor you could say to them congratulations on surviving another year sending laughter and joy on your way.

How do you wish someone a happy birthday? Learn Advanced English Words
How do you wish someone a happy birthday? Learn Advanced English Words

happy birthday sounds like an old cliché happy anniversary badly needs diversity congratulations could do with some mutations and good luck healthy, please shucks we often repeat these expressions and create no positive impressions so today we're going to learn some new ways to wish today we're going to learn some fun new and interesting ways for you to wish someone when it's a celebration time happy birthday how about we say something more fun like wishing you many more candles to blow this is a sweet way of saying.

learn some new ways to wish in English

this is semi-formal and convenient to use in most situations happy to you notice I haven't said birthday I've just said happy happy to you this is cute and affectionate and I like to use this a lot for friends and family and I find this very convenient on WhatsApp especially if you're using a group to send somebody a message through I don't recommend that you wish anybody in a WhatsApp group it's a lot better to send a personal message to them that's warm and friendly you know above all what the person is going to remember is.

when you make they feel special on their special day so go out of your way try to give them those greetings personally and sound happy and excited as you do that and quickly put a comment under this video telling me which of these greetings was your favorite happy anniversary now it's really dull and boring to say happy anniversary so how about we say here's to another great year of being together love and happiness to one of our the overall-time favorite couples another year another a great reason to celebrate still in this together love.

How do you wish someone a happy birthday

that now if you want to wish your own spouse a happy anniversary then you can say still in this together love that warm anniversary wishes to two of my dearest friends it's so cool that two of my favorite people are married to each other you two are truly an inspiration you can use this particularly for a landmark anniversary make sure you sound super happy and enthusiastic when you're wishing someone because even more than the words it is this that they're going to remember the most now quickly comment under this video and tell me which anniversary wish out of these did you like the most and if you're learning English and you want to learn some more interesting words phrases and expressions then we've got we learn English playlist especially for you and

I'm going to drop links to those under this video congratulations now there are so many times when you need to congratulate someone it could be that they've got a promotion they've had a marriage or they've had a baby or maybe they've just gone and accomplished something so depending upon the situation pick the expression that suits that situation the most and I'm going to give you a few interesting ones that you can use well done this is formal and short well done good on you or good for you this is a way of saying you deserve it.

How do you wish someone a happy birthday in 2021

this you rock now this originates from rock and roll so you rock or you're on a roll if someone's worked really hard to accomplish the success then fabulous work or the fabulous job was done I'm really impressed or I'm deeply impressed by you felicitations someone's getting married then you can use the Latin word felicitations hats off or hat tip if you want to express respect for someone's work way to go if you want to congratulate a team maybe or a sporting event victory way to go three cheers

three cheers fora promotion kudos to our debate team know this is a British way of saying this word in the American way you would say kudos to our debate team you can also use this in an office setting or an informal setting kudos to you for the work done and my favorite g.o.a.t the greatest of all time if someone has an accomplishment

that is just too big you'll say you're a go-at greatest of all times, okay and now I want a comment from you right now under the video telling me how you're going to congratulate someone on their spectacular success good luck now instead of good luck we can perhaps say I wish you good tidings or glad tidings this is useful when someone is expecting some good news perhaps.

Learn Advanced English Words

they are waiting for a medical report or you know even their report card at school you can say I wish you good tidings knock them dead or knock 'em dead or kill you know I know it sounds terrible but it's just a way of telling someone goes get it and you're gonna make a killing out of it you'll do great when someone's probably walking into an exam hall you can say to them you'll do great go break

a leg no this is not about literally breaking a leg this is a really old phrase that is very appropriate especially if someone is going on stage I'm going to give a life performance you say go break a leg blow them away or blow their mind away with how well you perform this is also good when someone's perhaps going into an interview or into something really important

where there are people around you can say blow them away fingers crossed now this is something when you're wishing luck to someone and they're waiting for a result you'll say fingers crossed knock on wood or touch wood this is used when you want to ward off bad luck so you say knock on wood or touch wood or sometimes just knock your own head and say knock on wood bring home

the trophy if someone's going in for a match you can say this but even otherwise you can say bring home the trophy which means go and win so wishing you the very best as Well. 

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